Thursday, 15 December 2011

GET SPUN! With Dizzy Pig Sices/Rub!

Dizzy Pig BBQ began selling their all natural, hand blended spice rubs 9 years ago to BBQers enthuiast. They currently have eleven unique blends ranging from convential all purpose BBQ rubs to exotic combinations with Asian and Caribbean inspired spices. Dizzy Pig BBQ spices are used by competition BBQ teams and restaurants, but are also available for retail sale to the public.

The best thing about there spices is that its Gluten free and MSG free. The arome you get when you open your bottle is amazing! I have been using there spices/rub for about four years and love it! They are definatelly my favorite! The flavour you get from them is amazing!!!!!

Info bellow is from there website!

Why is Dizzy Pig better?

First thing you notice when you open a jar of Dizzy Pig rub is the fresh aroma. The whole spices and herbs we use are purchased in small quantities to assure freshness, and ground just before bottling. Our recipes are exciting and all of the rubs have their own unique flavor. Not the same rub with slightly different twist, but totally different concoctions so you can find your favorites for each meal.

In addition to fresh ingredients and awesome recipes, Dizzy Pig rubs use superior all natural ingredients and no additives. Gluten-free and No MSG. No anti caking agents. Instead of highly processed white and brown sugars which can burn and become bitter, we use only raw unprocessed "turbinado" sugar. It has a better flavor and a higher burning point. Yep, it's more expensive, but we feel it is worth it. Only coarse flake kosher salt is used in Dizzy Pig rubs. No iodine, and the flakes have a larger surface area to help build a luscious crust.'

Dizzy Pig Spices/Rub Brochure: DizzyPigBrochure.pdf

Dizzy Pig Spices/Rub usage Chart: DizzyRubUseChart.pdf

Dizzy Pig product Description: ProductDescriptioSheet.pdf

There products are available in the following sizes:

  1. Gallon container;
  2. Quart container;
  3. By the pound;
  4. Regular spice bottle size.

I rate these spices/rub 4.5 star out of 5!

These spices are now available from:
 Sparkling Pools And Spas 
 512 Main St., Dartmouth, NS 
 Tel: 1 (902) 462-8187

Or directly from: DizzyPigBBQ

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