Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gutbusters Moinks! AKA Hot Dogs stuff with cheese and wrapped with Bacon!

Everyone is always wondering what to cook as treat on game day on the old BBQ. Well today I decided to try making something that's pretty easy that the kids would love also. I decided to cook some hot dogs stuff with cheese and wrap with bacon.

My friend Andy Scalzo from the Winter Grillin group that I belong to calls them Gutbusters Moinks! Let me tell you that these treats are the bomb!

The group Winter Grillin is a group that lots of friends get together and share their passion of grilling in the winter. Here's the true meaning of Winter Grillin written by "Greg DeLonais" and "Chris Marut" which are also members from the group:

With the Winter Snow
It's time to Grill
Nothing but Great Food
This will be a Thrill
Especially with Grill Marks
Right on the Rib Eyes
Goes Great with Ice Cold Bud
Really Hot Coals
Is what Causes the Sizzle
Looks Great when their Done
Like I Like them Again
It's Juicy and Medium Rare
Now We're Winter Grilling

The Winter Grillin group can be found on Facebook. Well let's get cooking shall we!!


·       1 Pack hot dogs
·       1 Pack bacon
·       Bone Suckin' Sauce Seasoning and Rub or your favorite Rub


1.    Cut slit in your hot dogs length way about 3/4 of the way through, being very careful not to cut all the way through the hot dog;

2.    Very gently open the slit you made in the previous step and add a slice of your favorite cheese; (you can also add a little mustard, BBQ Sauce, etc..)

3.    Wrapped each hot dog with a slice of bacon and secure each end of the hot dog with a toothpick;

4.    Seasoned the top of the bacon with some Bone Suckin' Sauce Seasoning and Rub or your favorite Rub;

5.    Now pre-heat your BBQ to 225-250 °F for indirect cooking or you can go semi indirect using Grillgrates which is my preferred way;

Semi Indirect using Grillgrates

Indirect using pizza stone has heat deflector.

6.    You can add a little bit of apple wood to the hot coals for a little added smoke flavor and you want to cook and smoke them at 225-250 °F for approximately 1-1.5 hours or till the internal temp reaches 150-160 °F; (Optional you can sauced them the last few minutes of the cook)

I sauced them with Bone Suckin' Sauce the last few minutes.

7.    When ready you can serve them in a hot dog bun with your favorite condiments but they are just has good without the buns!

Happy  Grilling and Bonne App├ętit!! 


  1. Hi
    Looks goooood
    One of the things I loved when I was a boy and I still do.
    It seems the Grillgrates work great.


  2. Grillgrates are phenominal! I stongly recommend them to everyone!

  3. Love the moink!