Saturday, 26 July 2014

Garbage Can BBQ

While on vacation at the Lagace family reunion I saw a pretty unique way of BBQING! Two relative Daniel and Michel came up with the genius way of using garbage cans to cook Turkey, Chicken, and Pork. They call there cooker the Garbage Can BBQ! J

These are quite simple and cheap to make and very efficient believe it or not!

What you do is well a metal ring around the opening of garbage can about 4” in width all around. Then well a 3 inch high wall of steel around it. You can also cut the bottom of an old steel drum to do this. All you would have to do is cut the hole the size of garbage can.  

Next you build a 1/4 thick metal disc that fits in the center and weld a metal piece with hole drill in the center which will hold a rotisserie bar and fork vertical in place. You can also use a deep socket as the rotisserie holder. 

To use the garbage can BBQ you put your me on the Rotisserie rod then place the rod with meat vertically on the metal plate with rod.

Then you place garbage can on top and fill the ring with pre-light brickette charcoal from your lighting chimney. 

Before cooking with food do a few burns to ensure no zink is left from the galvanized steel. (since zink melts at lower temps!) In cold condition I recommend also putting some charcoal on top of the garbage can. When using this BBQ I recommend using the maverick ET-732 to monitor the temp of meat and of the Garbage Can BBQ.

Enjoy and happy grilling! :)

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