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Ceramic cookers Xmas recommended accessories gift ideal

Well with Christmas just around the corner I decided to do my Christmas BBQ Accessories recommended gift ideal for the avid BBQER that uses ceramic cookers such as the Big green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, etc,..  I summed it up to my 7 most recommended based on its practicability, and innovations that actually improves your grilling or takes your grilling to the next level without wasting your money for something you will never use again. 

1. Grillgrates: Have a nice raised rail design which allows a better surface area contact and better heat conduction which gives you perfect restaurant sear lines, while juices collect in the valleys then steam or sizzle adding even more flavor and moisture into your food. You can also add smoke pellets to the valley to add a hint of smoke to fish and vegetables. The shape of the Grillgrates radiates with heat for fast, even cooking and the bottom protects greasy food like chicken against any flare-ups and drying heat. The fat drains off and burns in the bottom of the grill grate and not on the outside of your food. The Grillgrate tools which comes with each set as custom design prongs that fits between and below the rails to lift delicate food such as fish without damaging it and it doubles as a cleaning tool to clear the valleys of build-up. GrillGrates cook via all methods of cooking: conduction, convection and infrared plus they provide you with a semi-indirect cooking method. Also Grillgrates has beyond phenomenal customer service and support! 

You can also flip the Grillgrates over and used them to reverse sear steaks, to cook buns on, or to cook burgers with a nice sear on them. 

You can order your Grillgrates here: Grillgrate Store You can use coupon code Grateful will save 15% off store wide.

2. Kick-Ash-Basket: This ash basket provides a quick and efficient way of cleaning ashes from your ceramic cooker. It also improves air flow which actually made it easier and faster to achieve any desired temps. It also helps in maintaining high temps for searing steaks or cooking pizzas. 

You can order your Kick Ash Basket herekickashbasket

3. The Smokeware Chimney Cap: Well if you like grilling through rain and snow storm this is the perfect accessory to get. It works extremely well in keeping the rain and snow out of the cooker while grilling. It’s also controls the temperature just as easy as the regular daisy wheel vent does. Everyone also loves the fact that it actually pimps up the look of your cooker! It looks very sharp on any grill. Also after the fire is completely out just open the vent on the chimney a tad when the grill is not in use which in turn will reduced and prevent mold and mildew problems that its typical in a Kamado grill that sits idle for a couple of weeks. Another advantage of this cap is when opening your BBQ you don’t have to worry about the vent fully opening by itself like the original daisy wheel is known to do on ceramic cookers. 

You can order your Smokeware Chimney Cap here: Smokeware chimney Cap store

4. Tappecue Temperature Monitoring System:  I strongly recommend this temperature monitoring system if you do lots of low and slow cooks.  What I really like about this system is that you can actually monitor the temps of your grill and food from anywhere that there’s a wifi, 3G, 4G cell service or internet connection by using your phone or tablet. Imagine not being stuck watching you grill and to have the freedom to go anywhere while doing a long and slow cook and to be able to monitoring your food and pit from anywhere you go. During the summer I start my low and slow cook early in the morning and then went Kayak Fishing and always managed to monitor my grill in the middle of the lake while fishing which is quite amazing. This system is actually quite accurate whit its temperature reading. Another big bonus of this system is that you can graft the temp of your pit and of your food for further analysis for the next cook.  This system also sends you warning when the pit falls or go above your set points and lets you know when your food is ready.

You can order your Tappecue Temperature Monitoring system here: Tappecue Store

5. Thermapen: Thermapen are the Cadillac’s of instant read thermometers. They are very fast and will give you accurate reading every time within 2 seconds flat. I found that lots of cheap meat thermometers take for ever to get accurate reading and lots of them are always off by a few degrees. This is one of the accessories that I wouldn’t cheap out on. These are used by Pitmasters world-wide and pro chefs in restaurants. They are made with a bio master anti-bacterial additive and they are splash proof. It has a long slim probe for taking temp in large piece of meat and large easy to read temp numbers. The company actually has excellent customer service and stand behind their products one hundred percent. Food safety is extremely important to me this is why I don’t cheap out on a meat thermometer. They are very easy to clean. Also the newer models now have a nice backlit LED display.  

The speed and accuracy of the Thermapen is unparalleled.  With a blazing 3 second reading and + or – of .7 degrees it’s going to get the temperature as fast as necessary. Its also has a water-resistance design and Biomaster anti-bacterial addictive. These thermometer are very rugged and can take a good beating!


3-second readings!
High accuracy to ±0.7°F (±0.4°C)
Water-resistant design
Biomaster anti-bacterial additive
°F to °C reconfigurable
Auto on/off—no buttons!
1,500 hour battery life

You can order your Thermapen here: thermapen

6. Kettle-Q Griddles: A good quality griddle gives you opportunity to expend your cooking limitation of your Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo and any other ceramic cooker. This griddles gives you a large enough cooking space to cook a few eggs, bacon and sausages at the same time. The griddle allows you to cook food such has pancakes, crepes, eggs, hash browns, Quadzillas, stir-fry, etc,.. with ease!

I highly recommend buying the Kettle-Q made by The Little Griddle Innovations because they make the highest quality griddle. Also they are made of 14 gauge 430 stainless steel which is pretty heavy duty stuff. You can also visually see the quality and craftsmanship that was put into the making of their high quality griddle. They are very easy to clean and use!

Review: Kettle Q

You can order you Kettle-Q griddle here: littlegriddle store

7. The BBQ Bravo Gloves: The best pair of BBQ gloves I ever used are definitely the BBQ Bravo Gloves by a mile due to the fact that they are pretty well insulated, good quality leather, and they are long in length offering protection to your arms from heat as well! These are the only gloves that have been actual able to use to handle hot pizza stones, head deflectors, plate setters, cast iron frying pan, etc. without burning myself or burning my gloves. 

You can order your BBQ Bravo Gloves here: BBQ_BRAVO_GLOVES_EXTRA_HEAVY_DUTY

I hope this list helps your Christmas shopping.

Enjoy and happy grilling!

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