Thursday, 10 August 2017

Weber Premium Fine Mesh Rotisserie Basket

For over a year now, I have been on the hunt for the perfect rotisserie basket for my Joetisserie & Kamado Mate. A month ago, I came across the Weber Premium Fine Mesh Rotisserie Basket on Facebook in a grilling group that I belong too. Unfortunately, this rotisserie basket is not available for sale in North America but only available overseas. Therefore, I decided to order one anyways from amazon from overseas. It took about a week for the basket to be delivered to my door by FedEx.

The basket was very well packaged and arrived intact. Weber took great care in the packaging of the Weber Premium Fine Mesh Rotisserie Basket.

At the first glance at the basket, you can visually see lots of care was taken in its design. It’s very well built and you can visually see that its built to last. I love the fact that you can split the basket in half for easy cleaning. The basket is made of fine mesh steel, which is coated with a ceramic coating which is non-stick. I like the fact that it’s indeed dishwasher safe. The fine mesh design makes it perfect for roatissering very small items such as peanuts, coffee and even for making popcorn.
In addition, there is no need to worry about food falling though the gaps that this fantastic accessory for your BBQ spit or Joetisserie. The rotating action allows your food to self-baste and reduces the need for cooking oils and grease; create a healthier grilling while still achieving a wonderfully crisp result.

The hinges to which the two basket halves are connected are simply two elongated metal hooks into which the hinge rod of the counterpart must be pressed.  This is exactly what you have to do before and after using the basket, if you want to clean it and connect it to save space.

The basket is placed on the spit over a two-square feed-through and then secured to the rod with a wing screw on each end of the basket. The basket can then neither twist nor slip which is good to see.

The basket itself is 16 3/4 inches in length and the inside of the basket is 14 inches wide in the open position and the inside diameter of the basket cooking surface is 7 1/1 inches wide which gives you plenty of space for food.

Length of basket

 Width of basket fully open

 Diameter of the width of the inside of the basket

 Length of the spit support bracket

One side of the basket has two flaps/paddle to help the food from sticking together for more efficient grilling while roatissing on the spit/Joetisserie.

As you can see in the following pictures the latch mechanism of this basket is very well designed and it actually holds the basket securely shut during the spinning. 

The Weber Premium Fine Mesh Rotisserie Basket fits perfect on a classic Kamado Joe and large Big Green Egg.

I first tried French fries using this basket with a minimal amount of oil; the potato pieces became very crisp. Although it takes much longer than in a deep fryer, the advantages are healthier heating and I found them more flavorful. Popcorn is also very fun to do with this basket ounce almost done popping you can give them a little seasoning while its rotating on the spit.

Well after playing whit this basket for a couple of week I found the easiest way to clean this basket is to use a large pale with hot water and soap. Place the basket separated in two pieces in the bucket of hot water and soap and let her soak for 10-15 minutes then everything rubs off easily with a rag. Then ensure you to dry the basket completely using a dry rag. You can also use a dishwasher but I personally find that it takes to much room in the dishwasher and that the pale method worked best.

This Weber Premium Fine Mesh Rotisserie Basket is built to last if you properly take care of it. I personally love this basket a lot better then my "fill it grill it" basket which had the issue of the door popping open ounce in a while during cooks and was cumbersome to put back together after cleaning. I am very disappointed that this Weber Premium Fine Mesh Rotisserie Basket is not available to the North America market since this basket is definitely one of the best rotisserie basket on the market. I strongly recommend this basket to everyone that owns a Joetisserie or a spit. This basket is also excellent for any spit on any BBQ. Its totally worth the effort of ordering it from overseas. 

The cheapest place over-seas to order this basket at the moment can be found here:

I definitely recommend to all of my grilling friends to contact Weber and request this rotisserie basket Part #17588 to be made available to the North American market. You can contact them via there Facebook page here: Weber FB page or via email here: Weber support email or call them directly at 1-800-446-1071.


  1. Hey Shawn how did you get Amazon to ship it? Every time I enter my address say the seller doesn't ship to your location. I also tried Googling stores that might sell it online and still no dice to the US since they mostly look like garden centers.

  2. I ordered my from this store just turn on translation in google and your good to go