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The Little Wombat grill review

A few weeks back I was sent a Little Wombat grill by Craig from the Little Wombat USA. I first learned about the Little Wombat BBQ a few months ago when I came across a few videos of The BBQ Pit Boys using this grill.

The Little Wombat BBQ is a pretty versatile grill that converts into a rotisserie, BBQ, and fire pit. What sets this grill apart from all the other compact BBQ is the ability of all the various set up option at your disposal. This grill is very fast and easy to set up and is very compact for storage when not in use which makes it the perfect grill for the RV's, tailgating, beach, and home. The Little Wombat grill is built pretty rugged and is made to last.
Little Wombat in one of the BBQ configuration
Little Wombat rotisserie configuration
Little Wombat used has a fire pit
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The grill itself is very easy to clean after you done using it. The most important thing is to season this BBQ before its first use. This is accomplish by giving this grill a nice light coat of cooking oil and then fill up the fire box with lump charcoal (approximately 14-18 lump pieces because this grill is so efficient that you don't need more charcoal then that). You then light up the grill and let the oil cook in the stainless steel which causes it to become well seasoned.

Lighting the Little Wombat for the Seasoning process
Seasoning the Little Wombat after the light coat of olive oil


The footprint is just 14 x 19 inches and;

The fire box stands 15 1/2 inches tall with legs un-folded;

The dual layer grill offers over 415 sq inches of cooking surface;

Completely folded up, the dimensions are 9 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ x 20″;

When fully opened the Little Wombat dimensions are 15 3/4″ x 14 1/2″ 40″;

The Little wombat weighs approximately 20KG or 44 lb;

It has a portable battery operated spit roast set that comes standard in the box;

Fabricated from high quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel;

It come standard with Two Electro-polish stainless steel cooking grids;

It also comes with two high quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel wind guards (one for the front and one for the back);

Litttle Wombat with back wind guard on
Little Wombat with both wind guard on

The stainless steel fire box wall are 1 inch thick and well insulated with ceramic wool-insulation between the inner and outer walls that’s typically found in a kiln, so the heat stays focused and upward, not radiating out the sides where you don’t need it;

The fire box also has a raised Electro-polish stainless steel grate for lot of air flow for the lump charcoal or briquette;
Fire Grate in the bottom of the fire box

Every little wombat comes with a heavy duty canvas carrying bag;

It also comes with a high quality stainless steel lid with a vent on top;

The BBQ has fold out legs that are pretty sturdy;

Legs folded in for easy storage 
 Legs folded out

The Little Wombat has multiple levels for cooking at once which gives you various heat ranges. This also gives you the option to use high-heat areas, and low-heat areas at the same time or separately. The inner walls of the Little Wombat are very well insulated with kiln quality insulation which means the outer walls will not get red hot. This makes it a lot safer around children.

A nice feature and design of the little Wombat is that the rotisserie can be used at the same time has your cooking other items on the lower grill. Also the hood has a built in access window that you can use for temperature control and for basting your food on the rotisserie. A very nice feature for storage is that the skewers for the rotisserie are designed as two separate halves, that screw together in the middle so that when you are done cooking it easily packs away into the firebox.

You can also use the Little Wombat side trays to serve food or to smother the fire or charcoal after each use. Also when done using everything packs nicely inside the firebox which then can be stored inside the heavy duty canvas bags!

The Firebox also can be used has a fire pit and with its legs folded up it makes it the perfect high for roasting marshmallows. The firebox is also pretty easy to clean. All you have to do is dump the ash and wipe it clean with a damp cloth and your done. 

Here's some Little Wombat videos in action:

Little Wombat Introduction
Source: uploaded by littlewombatBBQ on youtube

The Little Wombat out of the Box

Source: uploaded by littlewombatBBQ on youtube

Assembling the Little Wombat

Source: uploaded by littlewombatBBQ on youtube

Little Wombat indirect cooking method
Source: uploaded by littlewombatBBQ on youtube

Little Wombat rotisserie set up
Source: uploaded by littlewombatBBQ on youtube

Little Wombat Cast Iron BBQ Grill and Griddle Test Drive
Source: uploaded by littlewombatBBQ on youtube

Little Wombat Cast BBQ Tandoori Chicken Shortcut 
Source: uploaded by littlewombatBBQ on youtube

Little Wombat Cast 14 lbs Prime Ribeye Spit Roasted BBQ Pit Boys Style

Source: uploaded by littlewombatBBQ on youtube

Little Wombat T-Bone Steak in 60 seconds...

As you can see the Little Wombat grill is one solid versatile BBQ. When using you only need a little bit of charcoal which I quickly observed when using it. If you put too much charcoal it will burn very hot. I find that lump charcoal is a lot better for usage since they are made from 100 percent hard wood with no fillers but briquette will also work well. I am used to cook with ceramic cookers and the Little Wombat actually gave me just has good of a results in cooking various meats. This grill is highly recommended for all tailgaters, cottage owners, RV owners and the backyard griller. The Little Wombat is also excellent in searing steaks! You can also smoke with this little grill which is a big bonus!

The Little Wombat is made in Australia and is picking up in popularity at a rapid past in North America.

You can order a Little Wombat here:  Little Wombat

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Happy Grilling!

Stay tune for more great reviews, tips, and recipes!

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