Monday, 4 August 2014

Bella’s Mini Sweet Peppers and Mushrooms on the grill.

Well this weekend I decided to grill some sweet mini peppers and mushrooms on the BBQ! These are quite easy to grill. You just have to remember that mushrooms cook’s a lot quicker than pepper. I will use my cast iron Craycort grill to cook them. Let’s get grilling shall we!


Bella’s Mini Sweet Peppers
Fresh ground black pepper
Club House Lagrille vegetable rub
Olive Oil


1. Cut your mushrooms in half-length wise;

2. Cut your Bella Mini Sweet Peppers in four length wise;

3. Coat your vegetable with a light coat of olive oil using brush;

4. Sprinkle fresh ground pepper on the vegetable and some Club House Lagrille Vegetable rub to taste;

5. Now place vegetable in fridge for 45 minutes to let the flavors absorb in the vegetables;

6. Pre-heat BBQ and grates to 375 Degrees;

7. Lightly coat the Craycort cast iron grates with canola oil;

8. Cook vegetable for 15 too 25 minutes or to taste but turn them at least ounce during the cooking process. The mushrooms cooks very quickly so keep eye on them.

Enjoy and Happy Grilling!

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