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My top 6 BBQ Christmas gift accessories recommendation.

 Here’s my top 6 BBQ Christmas gift accessories recommendations. If you have a love one or friends that is avid BBQer and don’t know what to get him. I have put together my top 5 recommended BBQing accessories to make your shopping a lot easier for you. These should help you in getting pointed in the right direction in finding you outdoor griller there perfect gift.

1. Grillgrates: are definitely my number one must have grilling accessories. These GrillGrates interlock over any size grill. Unlike other drop-on-the-top grates that are made to use for vegetables, fish and other small or fragile foods, the Grill Grate is designed to catch the escaping juices, and have them sizzle below your food, not cause flare-ups that can dry out your meats. Holes allow the fat to drain out, and you don't have to worry about marinades, sauces or rubs causing fires.

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Furthermore it delivers those perfect grill marks you're always looking for to sear, sizzle, radiate, and protect. Its raised rail design allows for more surface area contact which in turns give you way better heat conduction to get perfect sear lines, while juices collect in the valleys where they steam or sizzle adding more flavor and moisture into your food.  Another huge bonus is that it eliminates hot spots and provides even heat distribution for perfect grilling.

One of my favorite things about them is that you can put wood pellet or chips in the valley of the Grillgrates to provide a little added smoke flavor of your meat. Which is the perfect way to add a little smoke flavor to delicate food such has fish. Also this allows anyone with a gas grill to be able to smoke there food. They are non-stick which perfect for delicate food such as salmon fillets.

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You can flip your grates upside down and use them to grill buns, or to cook the perfect burger.

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They are very easy to clean and to maintain. All you have to do is brush the carbon off after each cook with a wire brush. From time to time wash them in hot water and mild detergent.

You can order Grillgrates here: Grillgrate Store

2. Thermapen: are the Cadillac’s of instant read thermometers. They are very fast and will give you accurate reading every time within 2 seconds flat. I found that lots of cheap meat thermometers take for ever to get accurate reading and lots of them are always off by a few degrees. This is one of the accessories that I wouldn’t cheap out on. These are used by Pitmasters world-wide and pro chefs in restaurants. They are made with a bio master anti-bacterial additive and they are splash proof. It has a long slim probe for taking temp in large piece of meat and large easy to read temp numbers. The company actually has excellent customer service and stand behind their products one hundred percent. Food safety is extremely important to me this is why I don’t cheap out on a meat thermometer. They are very easy to clean.

You can order a Thermapen here: Thermoworks Store

3. Griddles: A good quality griddle gives you opportunity to expend your cooking limitation of your propane BBQ, Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and any charcoal grill. This griddles gives you a large enough cooking space to cook a few eggs, bacon and sausages at the same time. The griddle allows you to cook food such has pancakes, crepes, eggs, hash browns, Quadzillas, stir-fry, etc,.. with ease!

I highly recommend buying the ones made by The Little Griddle Innovations because they make the highest quality griddle and have a wide range and sizes of them to fit any BBQ. Also they are made of 14 gauge 430 stainless steel which is pretty heavy duty stuff. You can also visually see the quality and craftsmanship that was put into the making of their high quality griddle. They are very easy to clean and use!

You can order here: Littlegriddle Store

4. Looftlighter: I strongly recommend the Looftlighter because it can ignite anything from charcoal to wood with the touch of a button within 60 seconds. It also eliminating the use of lighter fluid which gives you the added bonus of not worrying about toxic fumes and you don't aft to worry about your food tasting like lighter fluid or chemical taste. It's also a lot safer to use then Lighting chimney and lighter fluid. Using the Looftlighter is also more environmentally friendly.

You can order here: Looftlighter store

5. BBQ Tongs: All BBQer's out there knows that a good set of BBQ tongs is very important to have. I strongly recommend tongs that are at least 16 inches or more in length to protect you from the heat from the hot grill. It's also equally important to have a good insulated handles so it doesn't radiate the heat in your hands. You also want tongs that are light in weight and has a comfortable grip in your hand. Good tongs allow you to grip on to small and large items without crushing even the most delicate foods.

6. BBQ Gloves: Well I definitely say a good pair of BBQ gloves are a must have when BBQing. You need them to handle hot grill grates, pizza stones, heat deflectors, plate setters, griddles, charcoal chimney, etc...

The best pair of BBQ gloves I ever used are definitely the BBQ Bravo Gloves due to the fact that they are pretty well insulated, good quality leather, and they are long in length offering protection to your arms from heat as well!

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Source: Freds Music and BBQ

You can order them here: freds music and bbq store

Enjoy and happy grilling!


  1. I'm going to have to say that of the devices you listed, my favorite is easily the thermapen. It will always be useful and actually does not matter if you are doing barbecue or not. It is also so nice and small! What an excellent find. The first item on your list is looking good too, however.

    Nassim O'Shaughnessy |

  2. Nice piece of information!!! Barbecue Grill Brush, pretty simple tool so it's not a surprise that it works well, but be careful when standing behind it when you're scraping your grill because you'll likely get some grease splatter on your shirt. Keep on sharing!!!