Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Maple glaze rainbow trout fillets

Well since its now the fishing season in Nova Scotia I decided to grill some fresh rainbow trout fillets. These are quite easy to grill on your BBQ but you have to be careful when grilling them because these fillets are delicate. I strongly recommend using your Kamado Joe Laser Cut Stainless Steel cooking surface along with the Divide and Conquer rack system. If you don't have this cooking surface you can use a Soapstone or Grillgrates.


Fresh Rainbow Trout Fillets
Pure Maple Syrup
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Fresh Lemon 


Place your fillets in a pan then poke them all over with a fork;

Squeeze some lemon juice on each fillet and spread evenly with brush;

Now brush a generous coat of maple syrup on each fillet;

Sprinkle some fresh ground black pepper on each fillet;

Place in refrigerator for 1 hour;

Preheat your BBQ with your Kamado Joe Laser Cut Stainless Steel cooking surface or Grillgrates to a temp of 375 degrees. I like cooking mine over direct heat but you can also cook them indirect by placing the half moon heat deflector on the lower level underneath the Laser Cut Stainless Steel cooking surface;

Coat the Laser Cut Stainless Steel cooking surface with a very light coat of Canola oil;

Place the fillet skin down on the cooking surface and cook for about 10 minutes but give it another coat of maple syrup the last few minutes of cooking;

You know its ready when, it starts to falls apart, the skin sort of holds it together, making transfer a little bit easier

Bonn Appetite and Happy Grilling :)

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