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The Big Green Egg Review

Here's my review of The Large Big Green EGG that lots of you have been waiting for. I have own my BGE for five years and going on six. I have been using it at least five time a week since I owned it. I also own two large Kamado Joe BBQ has well, so I have lots of experience using these Kamado ceramic cookers. BGE come in the XL, Large, Medium, Small, and mini in size. They also have a large variety of accessories available for the use on the BGE. 

The Big Green EGG company was founded in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. Has you can see they have been on the market producing ceramic Kamado's for a long period. I found the BGE difficult to put together compared to other cooker so it might be a smart ideal to get the dealer to put it together for you. There's lots of Eggheads out there that worships BGE like a shrine. There is lots of BGE support forums out there with lots of good people on there to help with cooking, sharing recipes, etc...

•   18-inch diameter cooking grid
•   Top vent cap is cast iron
•   Bottom vent is stainless steel
•   Heavy ceramic shell holds heat and stops temperature fluctuations
•   Glazed exterior makes it easy to clean
•   Spring loaded lid for easy lifting
•   Porcelain coated steel cooking grates
•   Precisely molded ceramics bonded with a green, nontoxic glazed exterior that won’t fade, discolour    or peel
•   Weighs 140 pounds
•   255 square inches of cooking surface
•   The Large EGG can cook: ◦20-pound turkey
            ◦ 12 burgers
            ◦ 6 chickens vertically
            ◦ 8 steaks
            ◦ 7 racks of ribs vertically

The Big Green Egg has a cooking temperature range from 0 degree F to 750 degree F but can easily obtain temperatures over 1000 degree F. This BBQ is perfect for smoking to searing steaks. I was able to maintain a temp of 350 degree F for 12 hours without a hitch which is pretty good. This Kamado style cooker is also perfect for baking with the use of the optional plate setter and pizza stone. You can cook indirect with the use of there plate setter. There ceramic isn't has thick as other Kamado style cookers but is of very good quality. The thickness of the ceramic will not affect the taste of the food but will help in retaining internal heat which makes it more efficient! 

Indirect set up:

Baking set-up without pizza stone:

Baking with plate setter and Pizza stone set-up:

The cons:

I find that there Temperature gauge is very small which can be hard to read. One think that I really dislike about the BGE is that there factory installed gasket don't last. As soon as you do high temp cooking you will most likely burn the gasket. I replaced mine almost every three months and finally decided to go with a Rutland gasket which will last for a long period. There replacement gasket cost approximately twenty dollars which can add up pretty quick! BGE has known about the issue with their gasket for many years and never went out of there way to find a better gasket material that can withstand the high heat. My question is why did they ever address this issue. I also dislike the size of their casters which I find them small for the weight of the egg. Also the BGE is easy to tip when moving it around with it in the nest so you have to use caution when moving it around. I also find that BGE air flow into there fire box is not has good has there competition. I also find them very costly compared to better Kamado cookers! The upper vent has tendency to fully open when opening the lid so don't forget to re-adjust after closing the lid. This can be prevented by putting the screw of the daisy wheel toward the top

The gasket burn test perform by GrandPas Grub from greeneggers:

Here's what he had to say: 

Here is the BGE felt gasket after applying a MAPP torch to the gasket. 15 seconds with a 15 to 18 inch distance.

You can see the full test here and see how order brands gasket faired out for your own education: BGE, Kamado Joe and Nomex Gasket Burn TEST

The Pro:

Overall it's a pretty good BBQ that produces very good results. I would definitely rate them in the top 3 ceramic Kamado style BBQ's. What I also like about there cooker is that it has a screen on there bottom vent for added fire safety and that it has a rain cap to put out the lump charcoal and to keep the weather out. There ceramic inside the cooker is a very smooth surface which makes it easier to clean and less grease will stick. I also like the fact that there fire box is pre-cut on one side which prevents it's from cracking which lots of other brands have issue with. They also have a very large selection of accessories available and there's lots of custom made accessories available for it has well! They have lots of forums out there to help and assist fellow eggheads.


I would definitely recommend the BGE brand to anyone and I found it a good quality Kamado cooker. But I wish that BGE would finally start listening to there customers and improve the BGE product has per customers recommendation and improve there corporate customer service on the Canadian side of the border. To be dully noted that the customer service for them is A1 in the U.S. 

I rate them 3.5 stars out of 5 stars rating.  I would definitely rate them a lot higher if they would fixed there gasket issue and improve there products as per customer recommendations. 

More info on BGE can be found here: BGE Canada Forum: EGGHEAD  and www.greeneggers and Facebook The-Big-Green-Egg

In Halifax the BGE's are available from "Sparkling Pool and Spa" on 515 Main Street Dartmouth which has excellent customer service! They can also be reached at (902) 462-8187.


“Note, if you’ve been cooking at temperatures above 300 degrees F, be very careful when opening the lid. First, raise the lid and inch or two and pause to “burp” it before raising the lid completely. This will allow the sudden rush of oxygen to burn safely inside the EGG and not as a flashback which could startle you and possibly cause injury.” (, , , , , | posted in Safety First)

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