Saturday, 21 July 2012

Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT's) on the BBQ!

This Saturday I decided to cook ABT's on my BBQ. These are very good and extremely popular appetizer made on the BBQ. Be aware that ABT's are extremely addictive!

ABT's stands for Atomic Buffalo Treats or Atomic Buffalo Turds if you ever wondered what the full name for them was. These are pretty simple to make on any BBQ.

Remember always use Nitrile gloves when making ABT's. The reason you want to wear them is due to the fact that jalapenos contains capsaicin which can burn sensitive area of your skin. Washing hands sometime never gets it all off. This I why I strongly recommend using gloves for making these!


 ·        1 dozen large fresh jalapenos
 ·             16 ounces cream cheese, softened
 ·             1½ TSP of Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust (if you want more kick to them use Dizzy Swamp Venom rub)
 ·             Italian sausages grounded up or little/mini sausages (optional)
 ·             1 pound bacon


1.    Cut the jalapenos in half lengthwise and scrape out the seeds and veins with a spoon and place the Jalapenos half in a bowl of water. This will help keep the fumes of the Jalapenos down so they won’t irritate your eyes, nose & throat.

2.    Stir the seasoning into the cream cheese.

3.    Now stuff your jalapeno halves with the cream cheese mixture.

4.    You can now put a layer of the ground up sausages or place a mini sausage on top of the cream cheese mixture.

5.    Cut the bacon slab down the middle, so each slice is divided in half.

6.    Now for the fun part wrap each jalapeno with a half-slice of bacon. You can also sprinkle with additional seasoning for more flavoring.

7.    For cooking these ABTS a important point to remember is that the higher temp and faster you cook them the bigger the kick you get out of them ( the more spicy they get). But if you cook them low and slow they will be mild and the spiciness won't be overwhelming which makes them perfect for the kids to eat!

8.    Pre-heat your BBQ to 250-275 degrees Fahrenheit for indirect cooking. For Big Green Egg users this is with your plate setter with legs facing up. Kamado Joe users you want your stone of the heat deflector in the bottom position. For Propane and gas BBQ, light one burner and then place your ABTs over the unlit side/burner of the BBQ. The Little Wombat BBQ users you want to cook them on the Top rack of the BBQ.

I wrapped the stone with Foil to protect it from the Bacon grease.

9.    I usually like to smoke them a little while they cook with a little apple or maple wood chunks but this is optional.

10.Cook for 1 to 1½ hours, or until the bacon is crispy to your satisfactions.

These are amazing treats to make on the BBQ. You can also stuff them with some left over pull pork seasoned with some Dizzy Pig RedEye Express. As you can see there's so many ways you can make these ABT's. You can also use your homemade or favorite rubs in them.

Bonne app├ętit and Happy Grilling!

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