Monday, 30 July 2012

Here's how to make Bacon Bowls

Well today I decided to attempt to make Bacon bowls on my BBQ and stuff them with ranched flavored mashed potatoes. I never tried making them before and got the idea of making these bacon bowls from my friends from Winter Grilling on Facebook. The bowls its self are a little difficult itself to make but once you get the hang of making them it isn't so bad. The major thing to remember is the bowls will shrink approximately 45% in size ounce cooked. Well let's get cooking!

What you have to first do is cover a metal bow or flip a muffin pan upside down and cover it in foil. Then you basically rap, weave or cover the foil with bacon.

I then seasoned the outside of my Bacon bowls with a little rub!

I then refrigerated the bowls for approximately 30 minutes to stiffen them up. Meanwhile I preheated the BBQ to 275 to 300 degrees F and set it up for indirect cooking.

Now for the fun part is to carefully remove the metal bowl or metal cupcake pan and place the foil mold and bacon bowls on the BBQ. It's also a good I deal to punch a couple of holes in the foil bowl in the bottom to give a place for the grease to escape! Keeps a very close eye on the BBQ while cooking these because the grease has tendency to flare up and can be a fire hazard. You position the bowls in the BBQ like picture above.

You want to cook them till they are slightly crispy them remove them from grill and let them cool and remove the foil and you now have a bacon bowl!

You can use these bowls to put salad, mashed potatoes etc.. inside of them.

Ok for the Ranched flavored Mashed Potatoes all you do is boil some potatoes. Then you mash them with some butter and ranched salad dressing to taste. You then stuff the bowl and add a little cheeze on top and place in BBQ till cheese is melted and serve!

Enjoy! and Happy Grilling!

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