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Kamado Joe new side tables, handle and ash tool review.

A few weeks ago I was approached by Kamado Joe to see if I could give them feedback on their new shelves for their grills that they plan to release in the near future. Well today I received them via FedEx courier.

Before we get started with this review let’s talk a bite about their standard Bamboo side tables that you all seen in the stores or already own.  I have been using there Bamboo side tables and handles over a year now. I quickly discovered that the Bamboo side tables and handles quickly loses its look in wet humid weather especially in the winter when they get covered in snow. They quickly turn into a grayish/blackish color. The Bamboo handle of the Kamado Joe actually started to split in layers and I had to glue them back together a few time over last winter. If you live in Canada or Northern United States your lucky if the bamboo shelves last you three to four years without replacement. Also lots of folks say cover your Kamado Joe and you won't experience this issue. Well I have another ceramic cooker that is always covered and its side shelves still turn grayish but at a slower pace. The humidity the cover creates will still get to them and when you cook in the rain or snow it will also slowly deteriorate them. 

 You can see the discoloration of the bamboo from the weather. 
  You can see the discoloration of the bamboo from the weather. 
 You can see the bamboo handle splitting in layers.
You can see the discoloration of the bamboo from the weather.

OK let’s get into this review shall we.

The new Kamado Joe side tables, handle and ash tool are made of high-density polyethylene which is of high quality. Lots of folks like to say that the plastic side tables would cheapen the look of the Kamado Joe. Well I kind of agree with them somewhat that the bamboo side shelves when new makes any model of the Kamado Joe stand out in the show room but the black HDPE does make the red color of the Kamado Joe pop out which is also pretty sharp! 

On the quality side I definitely say that the new high-density polyethylene side tables and handles are definitely superior in quality. The high-density polyethylene will outlast the bamboo side tables in any harsh weather and will keep their original looks a lot longer. I really loved the fact that these new side tables are already assembled right out of the box. 

 The new shelves has the tool hooks like the old ones. 
 As you can see these shelves are quality built.
 The other shelves also has tool hooks.

 You can see the black HDPE side tables does make the red color of the Kamado Joe pop out!

 Top view of new handle
Inside view of the new handle.

Also the new side shelves are a lot easier to wash with warm water and mild detergent. Sauces and cooking debris doesn't stick to them as much as the bamboo ones which again makes the clean up easier. The new style of side tables are basically maintenance free which is a big bonus. The only thing you will have to be careful with these new HPDE side tables is that you don't put anything that's real hot on them. These side shelves might get a little fading in prolong sun exposure but from online research I quickly that the color black doesn't show significant changes in color from exposure from prolong sun light.

The Kamado Joe smoking away in the rain!

I really love there new Kamado Joe handle and new ash tool. They are actually allot comfier in your hand then the old bamboo style.

Old bamboo handle which isn't has comfortable grip as the new one.
New comfy grip handle.

Old bamboo ash tool with square handle.

The new ash tool handle is shaped to comfortably fit the palm of your hand compared to the old square handle.

 Way better grip design. 

For final though I love the fact that these new HDPE side shelves are more durable in harsh environment and that they are maintenance free compared to the bamboo style side tables. Further more I love how comfortable of a grip there new ash tool and Kamado Joe handle is compared to the old style. These will definitely pimp up the look of your Kamado Joe for many years to come!

Kamado Joe should definitely give the option of either bamboo side shelves, handle and ash tool or the new HPDE style upon purchase of new Kamado Joe ceramic cooker. I would strongly suggest to go with the new high-density polyethylene ones if you live in northern climate like Canada.

I would like to express special thanks to Andy Scalzo and Meghan Meloney from Kamado Joe for selecting me from a select few to get feedback from there new HDPE side tables, handle and ash tool before making available to the public. Also thanks again for your support in making this review possible!

The new HDPE side tables, handle and ash tool are now available through your Kamado Joe authorized dealers at a MSRP of $99.99. Your local dealer might have to special order them in for you since this is a brand new product being release.

To find your local Kamado Joe Authorized dealer here:

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Happy Grilling! 

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