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Punk's Gourmet Mild Pepper Sauces Review

Well I was given the opportunity to do a review of Punk Gourmet Pepper Sauce from Dixie Brit farms. Today I receive a complimentary bottle of each of their flavor of sauce in the mail which I am pretty excited in doing a review on. The Punk Gourmet Pepper sauce is available in a mild and smok'n hot format. I first heard of this sauce on Facebook on the Kamado Joe Page about three weeks ago and I am very glad that Marty Crews introduced it to me and fellow friends on Facebooks. The Punk Gourmet Pepper sauce is new on the market and is gaining popularity at a very fast rate. In the United States it can be found in your local Piggly Wiggly grocery stores or purchased online. This sauce is natural products, low sodium and cost less per ounce than regular Tobasco sauce!

Who's Punk?

Just a regular ole' guy with a really cool family and lots of great friends who eventually convinced him that his slightly sweet pepper sauce was ready to go nation wide!
One thing for sure, no matter if it's on seafood, vegetables, nachos, as a marinade or grilling sauce.......
"Get your lips ready to dance!"

"A slightly sweet (Mild or Smok'n) Gourmet Pepper Sauce. No matter if you are grilling, marinading, dipping or just throwing on some beans & rice, one thing is certain, before you try it..... "Get your lips ready to dance!"

OK let's get this review going!


Mild Punk Gourmet Pepper Sauce


This sauce has a nice tomato peppery smell which isn't overwhelming.


The Mild Punk Gourmet Pepper Sauce is a little thin in texture and you can see little pieces of peppers in it which is a very good sign. This sauce looks like it homemade but don't let that fool you! It sticks pretty well to whatever you apply it to.


This sauce has a nice fresh, sweet peppery taste with a hint of tomatoes and leave a nice little zing of heat without overwhelming things.

Taste after cooking/glazing:

The flavor of this sauce definitely soothes out and balances well with the meat.  It retains a great sweet peppery flavor but the little bit of zing of heat is a tad less which I find it to be perfect. It's a great mild flavor that will definitely make your lips dance! For this cook I used it on pork tenderloins which were also rub with Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express rub. This sauce would go extremely well on shrimps, pull pork sandwiches and chicken! It would also go very well in a batch of homemade salsa.


Peppers, Onion, Vinegar, Tomatoes, Dark Brown Sugar, Water, Lemon Juice, Liquid Smoke, Garlic Powder, and Paprika.


I have tried a lot of BBQ sauce in my time from all over the world. I am in the Canadian Navy and I always get different BBQ sauce from each places I go to try on my grill. Let me tell you I was very impress with the quality, taste and texture of this sauce. This sauce isn't overwhelming and it has a very nice sweet peppery taste! I really loved there logo on the label which is very nice, creative and unique! I am very proud to rate this sauce a "4.5 star out of 5 stars"! I am definitely recommending this sauce to all my friends and family members! Also what's very nice of this sauce is that it goes very well on about everything! Me and my wife found it to be extremely good in vegetable soup!

Here's were to find Punk's Gourmet Pepper Sauces products:

You can find this sauce in your local Piggly Wiggly grocery stores or Piggly Wiggly , BBQ haunts, butcher shops as well as Birmingham Fire House Subs.

You can also order it directly from there website: PunkThisNow (there website is still under construction)

There fan Facebook Page: PunkThisNow Facebook Page

There blog can be found here: Blog

Company contact info:

Punk's Gourmet Pepper Sauces
139 Turkey Hollow Ln
Ashville, AL35953
United States
Tel: (205) 594-4388

Happy Grilling! 

Also a big Thanks to William Crews from Punk's Gourmet Pepper Sauces.

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