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Salmon Fillet on the BBQ and Dizzy Pig Raging River Rub Review!

On this rainy day I decided to cook some salmon fillet on my Kamado Joe BBQ using Dizzy Pig Raging River Rub and to also do a review on it.  After smelling the Raging River rub and tasting it I have been dying to try this rub on Salmon. When tasting the rub straight on your finger you get a very nice mild and sweet flavour with a very little hint of citrus but you can also taste the pepper has well which is very nice. I grew up around Maple Sugar camps most of my life and like the fact that this Rub contains pure Maple Sugar. The reason I chose salmon fillet to cook with Raging River is to try this rub for which it was originally design to be used with.  What is really nice with salmon is that it's pretty simple to cook with on the BBQ!

I pre heated my Kamado Joe BBQ and Grillgrates to 350 degree F. You can also cook this on any BBQ straight on the grill. The reason I use Grillgrates is that it provides semi-indirect cooking option and fish doesn't stick has much on it.

Another cooking option you can do for salmon fillet is to cook them on Maple or cedar planks but make sure they are pre-soak in water prior to using them.

In the mean while I coated my salmon fillet with a generous coating of the Dizzy Pig Raging River rub and left it sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes in order for the fillet to absorb the rub flavor.

I also made sure that the Grillgrates were well oiled with some canola oil to prevent sticking.

Now the grill is ready to cook I place the salmon fillet on the grill and cooked them for approximately 6 to 8 minutes per side, or until the fish flakes easily with a fork.

I also glazed the salmon with a little mixture of Pure Maple Syrup and melted butter for the last few minutes of the cook.

The salmon was nice and moist with a nice flavorful crust that wasn't to over-whelming! My guest and I loved the flavour of the Raging River and will definitely be using this rub again! I have been using Raging River rubs lots before on chicken, Pork, Potatoes, Ribs and in corn and fish chowder.

My wife always added a TBSP of Raging River rub in her Beer Batter for fish that she loves cooking ounce a week. I really love using this rub on Ribs and potato skins. She also like using as a seasoning on French fries which is actually pretty good.

Here's Dizzy Pig Product Description from their website:

Raging River is a tasty mix of maple sugar, citrus and a perfectly balanced array of herbs and spices. This fine rub will transform your meal in ways you never imagined. Originally we designed Raging River for salmon, and it is truly amazing on a fresh piece of salmon. But we and our customers have discovered it to be a highly versatile seasoning, and is excellent on all seafood, pork, poultry, ....and even veggies! Use it for making dips, on salads, in soups or when your meal “needs something”.

Raging river is also available in salt free format!


I definitely think this is one of the best rub that Dizzy Pigs makes.  I definitely rate this rub has 5 star out of 5 star. Due to the fact that it's a nice all around rub that has multi use for it. Raging river is beyond excellent on salmon! This one is highly recommend and a must have in the old spice cabinet.


While cooking a turkey take some of the turkey broth from the pan (Approximately  1/2 cup) and add a little Raging River to it and use it to inject the turkey during the cook for added flavor!
I have lots of friends that also use it as a salad seasoning.

To find a dealer near you click on link here: Dizzy Pig Dealer Locater

Dizzy Pig Rubs is available here in Nova Scotia:

Sparkling Pools and Spas
515 Main Street
Dartmouth (NS) B2W 4K1
(902) 462-1646

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