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Dizzy Pig Rubs Review

I was recently offered the opportunity to review all of Dizzy Pig Rubs from The Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company which I gladly accepted. Today I received a sample of each of their 11 rubs from them in the mail which they donated so that I can write this review on there rubs.

I have use some of their products in the past and let me tell you that I am very impressed with all of their rubs! The aroma of the freshness of their rub is amazing! Dizzy Pig definitely  produces the freshest, all-natural, gluten-free rubs on the market. All of the rubs that they produces are all natural with no preservatives, no MSG, highest quality ingredients and best of all they are gluten-free.

They only use fresh whole spices and only grinds them just before bottling which releases the essential oils just before the flavors are sealed in there bottles. They also use only Turbinado or raw sugar which endures higher cooking temperatures without burning. Another plus is that they only use coarse Kosher salt and they don't over-salt there rubs. The salt content is generally less than 20 percent.

The taste and flavour from there Rub is beyond amazing! The flavour of their rubs is not overwhelming and it isn't overwhelmed with the taste of salt like many other rubs that I have tried! I really like there salt free products which is just has good in flavour then the one with the salt in it and the biggest bonus of the salt free version is that its healthier for us. I am very impress with the aroma off all of the rubs they produce. My kids and wife are pretty picky when it comes to spices and they are now in love with Dizzy Pig rubs especially the Raging River, Tsunami Spin, Cow Lick Steak Rub, Dizzy's Red Eye Express and Swamp Venom which are my personal favorites has well! There rub does a nice crust on the meat which is full of flavor and is not overwhelming . There rubs are definitely spot on and well balance with a beautiful flavor! They definitely exceeded my expectation in a quality rubs!

Here's some info on all of there rubs:

Smoking/Barbecueing/Roasting Cooking

At lower temps is what barbecue is all about, and Dizzy Pig® rubs are perfect for this style of cooking, and for oven-roasting. The meat slowly cooks while the rub evolves into a tantalizing crust. Just apply a coating of rub a few minutes to several hours before the meat goes on.

Grilling/Broiling All of our rubs (except Cow Lick™ and Raising the Steaks™)

Contain a little sugar to help build a golden caramelized crust. Yet high temp grilling can burn sugar. So when grilling or broiling with our sugared rubs, avoid extremely high heat and/or cook further from the heat source on a raised grate. High heat can be used for short grilling of thinner meats, but keep a close eye so the sugar does not burn.

How much rub?

Experiment with different amounts of rub, and settle on the one that gives you the best flavor, crust and optimum saltiness. Remember that thicker meats can take more seasoning, and that longer cooks mellow the flavor of some spices — so more can be applied for these situations. Dizzy Pig® rubs are not too salty, so it takes a lot to over-salt your meal.

Freshness and storage

Tightly cap your Dizzy Pig® rubs and store in a cool dark place for longest life. Our rubs may cake and clump with time, especially in humid weather conditions or with age. Our rubs are bottled immediately after grinding, when essential oils — the lifeblood of the spices — are released. Using pre-ground spices and chemical anti caking agents would certainly help the blends flow freely from the bottle...but we’ve decided to keep our products natural to assure the freshest flavor. A few gentle taps on the table, and some shaking usually breaks up clumping. For difficult caking revive the rub with a quick pulse in a small food processor or grinder, and return to shaker bottle.

Poultry/Pork/Salmon Rub
Also available in Salt-Free!

Raging River is a tasty mix of maple sugar, citrus and a perfectly balanced array of herbs and spices. This fine rub will transform your meal in ways you never imagined. Originally we designed Raging River for salmon, and it is truly amazing on a fresh piece of salmon. But we and our customers have discovered it to be a highly versatile seasoning, and is excellent on all seafood, pork, poultry, ....and even veggies! Use it for making dips, on salads, in soups or when your meal “needs something”.

Poultry/Fish Rub

Probably our most unique offering, Tsunami Spin offers up a carnival of flavors. Loaded with spicy and flowery fresh tones, Tsunami Spin provides a tidal wave of tingly tastes with influences we picked up from the far East. Sesame seeds, ginger, galangal and fenugreek are among the ingredients that give Tsunami Spin its special kick. Chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, scallops, pork, mushrooms and veggies are perfect candidates for a coating Tsunami Spin.

Hot Deep South BBQ Seasoning

Swamp Venom is a deep south treat with flavors found in both cajun and southwestern cooking. Of course we wanted it hot!! Dizzy Pig customers say we’ve succeeded. Pork chops, chicken pieces, burgers, pork loin, catfish are a few things to start with. Several customers have raved about Swamp Venom ribeye steaks. The heat of the rub will diminish slightly during cooking, specially with longer cooks. So if you like it hotter, consider sprinkling a light fresh coating of rub toward the end of the cook. And try it in your next Bloody Mary!

All Purpose BBQ Seasoning
Also available in Salt-Free!

Dizzy Dust is a versatile seasoning that tastes good on most anything. Dizzy Dust gets its edge from a fresh-ground mix of peppers, chilies, herbs and spices. Unlike many typical chili powder-based rubs, Dizzy Dust has a fresh and unique flavor without straying too far the flavor folks expect from a BBQ rub. Put it on poultry, pork, beef or seafood for tasty results. Sprinkle it on your veggies, on your eggs or potatoes. Shake it on your brats or sausages for an extra kick. Be creative.

Coarse Grind BBQ Seasoning

Dizzy Dust Coarse Grind is the same proven recipe as the Regular Grind Dizzy Dust, but is designed for larger pieces of meat and longer cooks. The peppercorns, herbs and other whole spices are ground into larger pieces. We find this coarse grind helps the rub hold its flavors during longer cooks, while still producing the beautiful and extremely fresh tasting crust Dizzy Pig is known for.

Spicy Steak Seasoning

The Cow Lick Steak Rub was developed for beef, and is especially nice on thick steaks and a hot grill. Cow Lick gets its kick from a healthy dose of fresh ground peppercorns, topped off with coarse kosher salt, chilies, herbs and spices. It works magic on beef. Though sugar-free, it can be mixed with sugar for briskets, and other situations where you desire a caramelized crust. Cow Lick is a natural on hamburgers and pork chops and makes a great table condiment for fresh sliced tomatoes, eggs, or wherever youdesire a peppery kick.

Canadian-style BBQ Rub

We listened to our customers and learned how many folks enjoy using a Montreal-style steak seasoning. So we came up with Raising the Steaks™. A sugar-free, coarse ground Canadian-style steak rub that blows the doors off other Montreal seasonings. Simplicity in its purist form, this blend lets the flavor of a steak shine through, complementing the beef but not overwhelming. Also awesome mixed in with homemade burgers, meatloaf or roasts.

Sweet Tropical Rub

A sweet rub with a little heat, Pineapple Head is a perfect match for grilling pineapple. Well, that’s what we designed it for anyway. Then our customers got a hold of some and found that it’s also excellent on any grilled fruit, in a pie filling, or on a fruit salad. Customers have reported success using Pineapple Head on sweet potatoes, squash, pork chops, seafood and chicken. It’s very low on salt, so don’t hesitate to add salt if used on meat.

Fiery Hot Island Rub

Jamaican Firewalk is our version of a “jerk” seasoning. Jerk is traditionally a wet marinade with fresh scallions, ginger, soy sauce and the some of the hottest peppers in the world. Many have tried, but duplicating this is difficult with a dry rub. We haven’t liked any of the dry jerk seasonings out there, so we invented “Jamaican Firewalk”. We worked hard to balance the unique and potent flavors of Jamaican allspice berries and ginger against a backdrop of citrus, chives and plenty of heat. Chicken, shrimp, pork and fish team up nicely with a coating of Firewalk. Or try it on grilled pineapple or vegetables!

Coffee Infused BBQ Rub

Dizzy’s Red Eye Express packs quite a bit of pepper, but we add freshly ground coffee which adds an enticing malty flavor and an incredible aroma. Then different herbs, spices and a variety of chilies round out the final result...a rich unique rub that pairs up nicely with beef, lamb, pork and game. Successes have also been reported on swordfish, zucchini, chicken, sausage and shrimp! You won’t find anything else out there like Dizzy’s Red Eye Express!

Lemon Pepper Rub with a Twist

A customer was telling us how his wife grew up eating lemon pepper on everything, and doesn’t care for any other spices. So we made a rub based on the zingy flavors of lemon and peppercorns. After some extensive tasting sessions and a whole bunch of cooking, we have possibly our most versatile rub to date. Chicken, seafood, beef, pork, veggies and more — the clean tangy flavor of Shakin' The Tree will have you licking your plate.

You can view there product brochure here: Dizzy Pig Brochure

You can view there product description chart here: Dizzy Pig Description Chart

You can view there Allergen/Rub usage checklist here: Dizzi Pig Allergen/Rub Usage Chart

Here's some info on the company from there website:

The Dizzy Pig BBQ Company was formed because we felt there was a need and a place in the market for a line of unique and diverse products created with high quality, fresh, wholesome ingredients. Our goal was to offer fairly priced gourmet products, hand-blended and freshly packaged that even the best of cooks would reach for on a regular basis. Feedback and demand has proven that we are right on target with that goal.

In our 9th year of business, thousands of jars of fresh rub have been sold from the colorful Dizzy Pig website to every state in the USA, as well as most provinces in Canada and now in the EU. Additionally, we have an ever-growing network of retailers carrying Dizzy Pig products.

Response to the rubs has been nothing short of 'dizzifying'! There are professional BBQ teams that use Dizzy Pig. There are more and more stores that carry Dizzy Pig. Tastebuds are being activated and envigorated by it. Ribbons are being won cooking with it. Restaurants are cooking with it. And every day more and more people are "Getting Spun".

The Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company8763 Virginia Meadows Drive
Manassas, VA 20109
Chris Capell, President

Web address: The Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company

Today I cook up some pork shop with some Dizzy's Red Eye Express rub. I applied a generous amount of rub to my pork chops and left them marinate in the rub in my refrigerator for 2 hours.

Then I cooked  them using my Grillgrates and Kamado Joe BBQ at a temp of 375 degree F. I removed my pork chops when the internal temp reached 155 degree F.

The pork chop were pretty juicy and the flavor from the crust form by the rub was very delicious! This rug goes very well with pork chops!

I definately rate Dizzy Pig rubs a 5 out of 5 starts! You can't beat the aroma, flavour and freshness of there products. I was totally amazed and highly recommend them to everyone!

Source of this picture from there website.
To find a dealer near you click on link here: Dealers locater

Dizzy Pig Rubs is available here in Nova Scotia:
Sparkling Pools and Spas
515 Main Street
Dartmouth (NS) B2W 4K1
(902) 462-1646
Web address: Sparklingpoolsandspas

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