Friday, 17 February 2012

Review of BBQ Bravo Gloves

Well I definitely say that one of the must have BBQ safety item is a good pair of BBQing safety gloves. During a visit of Fred's Music and BBQ in Shillington, PA in last November I came across the BBQ Bravo gloves!

Source of picture: Freds Music and BBQ

These are definitely the best pair of BBQ safety gloves I came across! They definitely offer you the best protection from "FLAREUPS, FLASHBACKS AND BURNS". I pick up hot pizza stones, plate setters, heat deflectors, grills and hot coals with them no problem at all and never burnt myself! 

Source of Video: Freds Music and BBQ

They are made very long and they provide a good protection to most of your arm as well! These glove are made of very durable heavy duty leather and offer pretty amazing insulation to protect yourself from heat. These are also the longest gloves I ever came across! 

The only place that I found that you can get them from is Fred's Music and BBQ. and folks let me tell you they are worth every penny and then some!

I highly recommend these gloves and definitely rate them 5 out of 5 stars!

You can order yours here: BBQ_BRAVO_GLOVES or 1-610-796-2527

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