Sunday, 23 October 2011

Carbon Vegetable Lump charcoal review

I got a few bags of Carbon Vegetable Lump Charcoal from a supplier that I know here in Halifax. It comes in 10KG  white bags. The bags looks low budget and are very dirty but the quality of the lump inside of the bag is pretty good!

The size of the lump charcoal is amazing and couldn't believe it with my own eyes! Lots of the lump are in sizes of mini logs!

I did approximately 12 cooks with this lump charcoal on my Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg BBQ. The charcoal is very easy to light. Using Kamado Joe fire starters cube it took approximately 14 minutes from 0 degrees F to 1000 degrees F which is very good.

 I also did a few 15 hour cook with my fire box filled to the top and at the end of the cook there was still 3/4 of the lump left! This stuff is amazing and burns very clean and doesn't produce that much ashes. 

This charcoal is imported from Argentina by a broker in Toronto, Canada. This charcoal can be found in BBQ stores in Ontario or through a supplier that I know localy in Halifax. This stuff is a lot better than other brands of Lump charcoal and a bag of the same size will last twice has long. This charcoal is definatelly worth its weight in goal!!

I strongly recommend this lump charcoal and rate it a 4 star out of 5. I rated it a 4 because the charcoal bags are very dirty to handle.


  1. Lump looks good. Where can you get it in Halifax?

  2. I can get you some of that charcoal just email me and will gladly hook you up with some.