Saturday, 14 April 2012

Battered Sole fillets cook on the BBQ using the Kettle-Q griddle!

Well for supper today my wife wanted some fish. So I decided to cook up some Sole Fillets. These are pretty easy to cook on the BBQ using a griddle. For this cook I used my Kamado Joe BBQ with the Kettle-Q griddle! The big bonus of cooking this on the BBQ is that you don't get the fish smell in the house. Well let's get cooking!


2 TBSP Raging River (Dizzy Pig Spices)
3/4 Cup flour
8 Sole fillets
1/2 cup milk
1 large egg


1. In a plate or large bowl add the spices, flour, and blend very well and this will be your batter;

2. In a separate bowl add the large egg and milk and beat together and this will be your egg wash;

3. Now dip the Sole fillets in the egg wash and ensure it well coated;

4. Now dip the egg wash Sole fillets in the batter;

5. Place the battered Sole fillets in a casserole and cover and refrigerate for 45 minutes for the batter to set;

6. Now it's time to light your BBQ and preheat it and the griddle till water sizzle very fast on the griddle;

7. Place the battered Sole fillets on the griddle and cook approximately 3-4 minutes per side or until nice and golden!

Bonne App├ętit!

Happy Grilling and stay tune for more great recipe, reviews and tips!

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