Saturday, 14 April 2012

My seven must have BBQ accessories.

When it comes to BBQing there's so many choice in accessories out there for your grills.  But there's lots of accessories out there that you really don't need and a big point to remember when buying BBQ's and accessories is that you get what you  pay for! Trust me in my many years of BBQing I bought lots of stuff that didn't work as intended and its poor quality didn't last at all; or only used ounce and never touch again!

Here's my list of must have BBQ accessories and the reason why:

1.  Looftlighter or a good quality Charcoal Chimney;

I say this is the number one must have because we have to light are charcoal BBQ's before we can even start cooking!

I strongly recommend the Looftlighter because it can ignite anything from charcoal to wood with the touch of a button within 60 seconds. It also eliminating the use of lighter fluid which gives you the added bonus of not worrying about toxic fumes and you don't aft to worry about your food tasting like lighter fluid or chemical taste. It's also a lot safer to use then Lighting chimney and lighter fluid. Using the Looftlighter is also more environmentally friendly.

But if you can't afford the Looftlighter my second choice would definitely be the charcoal chimney.

2. A good pair of insulated BBQ gloves like the BBQ bravo Gloves;

Well I definitely say a good pair of BBQ gloves are a must have when BBQing. You need them to handle hot grill grates, pizza stones, heat deflectors, plate setters, griddles, charcoal chimney, etc...
Source: Youtube uploaded by Fredsmusic and BBQ

The best pair of BBQ gloves I ever used are definitely the BBQ Bravo Gloves due to the fact that they are pretty well insulated, good quality leather, and they are long in length offering protection to your arms from heat as well!

3. Instant read thermometer like the Thermapen;

Every BBQer's must have a good instant read thermometer to ensure that everything is properly cooked especially meats! You want to always ensure that your meat has reached a safe internal temp to ensure all possible harmful bacteria in meats are killed.

I personally recommend the Thermapen for several reasons, slender probe, 3-second reading,  biomaster anti-bacterial additive and it's moisture-proof. You want to take your temperature reading as quickly as possible to prevent burning your hands and the Thermapen is the most accurate thermometer I ever used and the quickest! It's also pretty rugged and use by lots of professional cooks, pit masters, and BBQers.

4. A good set of BBQ tongs;

All BBQer's out there knows that a good set of BBQ tongs is very important to have. I strongly recommend tongs that are at least 16 inches or more in length to protect you from the heat from the hot grill. It's also equally important to have a good insulated handles so it doesn't radiate the heat in your hands. You also want tongs that are light in weight and has a comfortable grip in your hand. Good tongs allow you to grip on to small and large items without crushing even the most delicate foods.

5. A set of Grillgrates;

Lots of folks would say why a set of Grillgrates well let me explain to you why. Well it's one of my favorite accessories to use and I love them because it protects your food from Flare ups, it gives you more juicier and tender meats, and it gives you the perfect sear marks every time. It's also the best to cook delicate food like salmon fillets because the grates are non-stick.

GrillGrates cook via all methods of cooking: conduction, convection and infrared which means they distribute even heat and retain heat. Also with their extra mass and surface area it literally radiate heat and provide more direct food contact than conventional grills.

With GrillGrates, juices sizzle just below the food. This aromatic sizzling delivers a huge pop of flavor instead of charred taste. Over time, fatty juices drain out through the fat draining holes in the valleys. The backside of the GrillGrates will quickly season to a shiny charred black. The drained fat chars the back of the GrillGrates and not the outside of your food.

6. A good quality griddle like the Kettle-Q;

When I first got introduced to griddles I was kind of really iffy about them. That all change after I started using the Kettle-Q griddle from the Little Griddle Innovations. They make different style and sizes of griddles to match all the different type and size of BBQ's. The griddle broth my cooking on the grill to next level allowing me to cook breakfast like eggs, bacon, and ashes browns. It also allow you to cook stir fries, Quesadillas, Burritos, Fajitas and many other possibilities! It's also extremely easy to clean which is a big plus!

There's lots of cheap imitation of griddles out there that's why it's very important to ensure its made by Little Griddle Innovations. The reason I am saying this is that there's are built like a tank and are built to last and are design for even heat distribution and will never warp. Also there warranty on them are unbeatable. I would definitely pay the 10-15 dollars more to get one from them since I know the quality is there. I had a cheap imported version and it warped within a year! Lots of my friends owned a griddle made by Little Griddle Innovations and it never warp and they are still like new!

7. A good quality BBQ grill brush;

Every BBQer out there knows that it's very important to have a good quality BBQ grill brush. The reason you need a good quality brush is to be able to brush your grill, Grillgrates before and after each cook. It's also very important to always apply a light coat of oil on your grill and Grillgrates after each brushing. you want a brush with very durable bristles that can withstand a lot of scrubbing and the heat from the grill.

Happy Grilling!

Stay tune for more tips, recipies, and great reviews.


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