Sunday, 8 April 2012

Pull Pork on my Big Green Egg BBQ!

Can we say pull pork! Well for Easter supper I decided to make some pull pork! I started by soaking my 12 LBS pork shoulder on Saturday morning in a brine using Kosmo-Q pork soak. To make the brine I used 3/4 cups of their mix with 8 cups of cold water. I also soaked my apple and cherry wood chips and chunks in apple juice!

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After its been soaking for 12 hours I then rubbed the pork shoulder with Dizzy Pigs Red Eye Express. Then I set up my Big Green Egg for indirect cooking at 225 degrees. I also ensured that my firebox was full of lump since this is gone be a 15 plus hour cook! For the Big Green Egg you can set up for indirect cooking using the plate setter with the legs in the upper position. For the Kamado Joe this can be done by using the heat deflector with the stone in the lower position!

Big Green Egg plate setter with legs up for indirect cooking!
Kamado Joe heat deflector with stone in bottom position for indirect cooking!

I then injected my pork but with Kosmo-Q pork injection. I uses 3/8 cups of there mix I then mixed it with 1.5 cups apple juice. I injected the entire solution into my pork shoulder try to keep a even distribution.
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I then placed wood chips and chunks on the hot coals and place my pork shoulder on the grill grate. I then set up my pit temp to 225 on my Digi-Q BBQ guru temperature controller. I also set up my Maverick ET-732 temperature thermometer with a high alarm of 190 degrees F for my pork shoulder and a low of 215 degree for my pit and a high of 240 degrees for the pit!

The secret in cooking this is to cook and smoke it at a temp of 220 degrees F to 250 degrees F till the internal meat temperature reaches 190 degrees F. My pork shoulder took 17.5 hours to reach the desired internal temperature.

Once the meat internal temp has reached 190 degrees F take it off the BBQ and immediately wrap it in heavy duty foil then wrap it with towel as well and place in refrigerator for one and half hour! This will redistribute the juices in the pork shoulder.

After this process the fun begins! Unwrap you pork shoulder and place in a foil pan and start shredding the pork using Meatrakes or using your finger or household forks but can be hot on the hands. This is why using a tool like a meat rake is the way to go since it keeps your hands a good distance from the hot meat and the handles are well insulated! Also stay tune for my review on the Meatrakes!

Now enjoy your pull pork on pizza's or in a sandwich!

Happy Grilling and Happy Easter!

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