Friday, 27 April 2012

Strip Cheese Steaks recipe by The BBQ Pitboys!

Well today I wanted to share the Strip Cheese Steaks recipe made and design by my friends The BBQ Pitboys! This is pretty easy to make on your grill and the end results are amazing! If you haven't made these before you don't know what your missing!


·       8 OZ Boneless N.Y. Strip steak
·       2 slices of smoked bacon chopped
·       Kosher salt to taste
·       Freshly ground pepper to taste
·       1 onion chopped
·       2 cloves garlic minced
·       Shredded sharp cheddar cheese
·       Shredded Mozilla cheese


1.    Pre-heat your grill to 500 to 600 degrees F.

2.    Now you want to put some salt and pepper on each side of the steaks.

3.    It's now time to sear both side of your steaks till internal temperature reachers 135 to 145 degrees F for medium well then take off the grill and let them rest. You can cook them to 155 degree F if you preffer well done.

4.    In a frying pan sauté your onion, garlic and bacon in a little bit of oil till the onions are have a little bit of trans-lution.

5.    Now put your steaks on the grill at 375 degrees F and put a layer of the onions, garlic and bacon on top of the steaks. Now cover it with a nice layer of cheese!

6.    Cook till the cheese is melted and enjoy!

Happy Grilling!

Thanks BBQ Pitboys for sharing this amazing recipe!


  1. Whats the internal temperature if you want it medium??

  2. medium 135-145 degree F
    Medium Well 145-155 degree F

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