Monday, 9 April 2012

The MeatRake meat shredding tool review!

Last week I received a set of MeatRake from Chris Johnson from When I opened the package looking at the set of MeatRake I was pretty impress at the size and quality of them.

OK your probably wondering what the heck are MeatRake! Well MeatRake are a revolutionary and pretty intuitive BBQ and a kitchen tool that is design to shred through pork, chicken, turkey, and briskets without any effort!

Here are key factors about them that totally impressed me:

1. The handles are made of a ergonomically design  that comfortably fits your hands;

2.  Also the 7" handles are made of non slip polypropylene grip;

3. The steel combs are made of professional grade of 304 stainless steel and are 1.5" in length;

4. Each MeatRake came with a protective sleeve to protect them during storage;

5. Also they are dishwasher safe which is a big bonus;

6. There's even a hole at the end of the MeatRake handle so that you can hang your rakes with the rest of your BBQ tools when not in use.

As you can see lots of ingenuity and care went in the design of these MeatRake. These are built pretty tough and built to last!

On the Easter weekend I cooked up a 12 pound pork shoulder low and slow on my Big Green Egg BBQ which the recipe and direction of the cook can be found here: Pull Pork Recipe

Well let me tell you when it came time to shred my pork shoulder to make it into pull pork. I was pretty excited to give these MeatRake a test drive.

Wow let me tell you that these MeatRake makes the job of shredding/puling the pork shoulder a lot easier. These rakes went through the meat like it was butter. I also really loved how comfortable the handles are in your hands when pulling the pork. I was pretty amazed on how the 7"in length handles kept my hands away from the hot pork shoulder. Another big advantage I noticed in using them is that it's a lot less messier of a job in pulling/shredding any meat with these rakes! 

Also if you have mild arthritis in your arms and hands the raking action provided by the Meatrake makes it so much easier and less painful.  Bear Paws are OK, but these are far superior for those who have the aches and pains of our senior years.


Well I used to pull my pork shoulders with my hands and the old kitchen forks which was pretty hot on the hands and pretty messy job. I also tried other products for pulling pork in the past and let me tell you the MeatRake is a lot easier and better built product for pulling pork that I ever came across. I loved the fact that these were actually pretty easy to use and that it went through the meat like butter! The comfy grip on them and the nice long handles that gave you excellent protection from the hot meat was a huge bonus! I am proud to rate these excellent MeatRake a 5 star out of 5 star! I would definitely recommend MeatRake to any backyard BBQers, BBQ competition teams, restaurants, Family and friends!

You can even rake pork chops check out this video created by MeatRake:

You can even pull chicken check out this video created by MeatRake:

Here's a nother good video on them uploaded by myfacelocal:

Here's were you can purchase a set of MeatRake:

Directly from MeatRake MeatRake Store

You can also follow MeatRake on here: FaceBook Page and on their MeatRake Blog

Happy Grillling!

Stay tune for more great reviews and more recipe and tips!


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