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Stubb's Sweet Heat Bar-B-Q Sauce Review

Well I was given the opportunity to do a review of Stubb's Bar-B-Q Sauce from. Last Week I receive a complimentary bottle of Stubb's original BAR-B-Q sauce, Stubb's Sweet heat BAR-B-Q sauce, and Stubb's Chipotle Butter Injectable marinate in the mail which I am pretty excited in doing a review on. Stubb's BBQ Sauces are made with very high quality ingredients and are certified gluten-free which is a big plus.

Info from their website:

"Stubb’s philosophy was to love people and feed people. And he did both with this sauce. Born from the original recipe and made with all-natural ingredients, Stubb’s Original Bar-B-Q sauce is made for sharing. So pour it on thick and enjoy it with family and friends.

Whether you’re grilling chicken, pork or beef, it’s hard NOT to make it right with Stubb’s. For an extra kick, start with Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Spice Rub, then baste the meat with Stubb’s Moppin’ Sauce to add flavor and keep it moist. Toward the end, slather on Stubb’s Original Bar-B-Q Sauce. You’ll be lookin’ and cookin’ like a pro."

Let's get this review started!




This sauce has a nice tomato peppery smell which isn't overwhelming.


The Stubb's Sweet Heat Bar-B-Q Sauce is thick in texture and you can see little specks of spices in it. This sauce is dark reddish in colour.


This sauce gives you a taste of sweetness from the tomatoes followed by a chili flavor with a hint of smoke. Also there's a little hint of molasses and sugar. There is a nice little kick of heat which I wasn't expecting out of this sauce; I expected less of a kick of heat. This must be due to the chipotle puree used in this sauce.

Taste after cooking/glazing:

The big thing I noticed after cooking with this sauce is that it actually gave a little bit more of a kick in heat then the sauce by itself. You could also still taste the molasses and sugar in the sauce which was a nice. It also did a real nice glaze on the chicken drumsticks.

Before Glazing:

After Glazing:


Water, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, molasses, sugar, brown sugar, chipotle puree (water, vinegar, chipotle jalapeno, tomato paste, salt, red chili flakes, onion powder, garlic powder), corn starch, salt chili powder, contains less than 0.5% of garlic, natural flavor, spices


I have tried a lot of BBQ sauce in my time from all over the world. I am in the Canadian Navy and I always get different BBQ sauce from each places I go to try on my grill. What I really loved about this sauce is that it was nice and thick and you didn't have to worry about the sauce running on your other food in the grill. This sauce wasn't has  sweet has everyone would expect it to be and it surprised you with a kick of heat which I was also expecting to be a little less. I did love this sauce but found it a little bit on the peppery side. If you love pepper this sauce might be for you! I am rating this sauce a 4 out of 5 Stars The company did a superb job on the label designs of the bottles which I found very appealing. I also love the fact that this sauce is certified gluten free. If this sauce was a little bit more on the sweet side I would of gave it a 4.5.

This sauce goes extremelly well in hamburgers.

 Here's where to find Stubb's Bar-B-Q Sauces products:

Stubb's BBQ sauce can be found in many Grocery store chains.

In Halifax, NS its available in Pete's Frootique.

There fan Facebook Page:  Stubs Facebook Page

There website can be found here: Stubs Website

Stubb's on flickr: Flickr stubbsbbq

Happy Grilling! 

Special thanks to Heather Guzenda from Stubb's for providing the samples for me to make this review possible!

Stay tune for more great reviews, recipes, and tips.

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